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Letter Openers with picture (AB)

Rings Religious (AN)

Earings with pictures (BN)

Brooches with pictures (BF)

Brooches (BR)

Images Brooches (BI)

Our Lady of Grace Brooches (BG)

St. Benedict Brooches (BB)

Key chains with picture (CF )

Key chains (CH)

Key Chains Images (CI)

Our Lady or Grace Key Chains (CG)

St. Benedict Key Chains (CB)

Wall Crucifixes (CP)

Colonial style Wall crucifixes (CQ)

Wall crucifixes with Radiances (CS)

Table top crucifixes (CM)

Colonial style table top crucifixes(CN)

Glass table top crucifixes (CV)

Metal crosses with picture (ZF)

Metal crosses (ZM)

St. Benedict Crosses (ZB)

Badges (DI)

Scapulars (ES)

Necklaces with picture (GA)

Necklaces (GA)

Plaster Images (IG)

Table top metal images (IT)

Magnets with picture (IF)

Images Magnets (II)

Bookmarks with pictures (RF)

Images Bookmarks (RI)

Medals with picture (MF)

Medals (MD)

Our Lady of Grace Medals (MG)

St. Benedict Medals (MB)

Table top rosses (MZ)

Table top medallions with pictures (MZ)

Table top medallions (MZ)

Cradle medallions with picture (ME)

Door medallions (MP)

Holy water font with picture (PA)

Pendants with cord crosses with picture (PI)

Pendant with cord crosses (PZ)

Pendant with cord medals with pictures (PF)

Pendant with cord: medals (PO)

Pendant with cord: Our Lady of Grace (PG)

Pendant with cord: St. Benedict (PB)

Pendant with chain crosses with picture (KI)

Pendant with chain crosses (KZ)

Pendant with chain medals with picture (KF)

Pendant with chain medals (KO)

Pendant with chain Our Lady of Grace (KG)

Pendant with chain St. Benedict (KB)

Nativity scenes (PS)

Hair fasteners (PR)

Bracelets (PU)

Table top frames with picture (QF)

Table top and wall medallion frames (QM)

Rosaries (RO)

Rosaries with pictures (TF)

Wooden Rosaries (TE)

Metal Rosaries (TE)

Synthetic material Rosaries (TE)

Special Rosaries (TE)

One decade Rosaries with picture (DF)

One decade Rosaries (DN)

Candles with picture (VF)

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